Subject Re: [firebird-php] OT: Connect PHP to DB2 and Cloudscape via PDO
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:

> the same tutorial can be applied to firebird
> with small changes :)

Take care - PDO_Firebird has not been kept up to date, and you will
still require the php_interbase as well since only a limited subset of
functions are available under PDO.

I'll be sticking with ADOdb myself so have given up even trying to use
PDO, and Ard - who did the original 'port' to PDO has not had time to
cater for all the changes Wez has made to the core system over the last
few months.

There has been much discussion on the way PDO should go, and Wez has
ignored the comments and gone his own way ;) - SO now he is trying to
sell it :)
If there is to be an active PDO port for Firebird we need someone to
take over managing it!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services