Subject Re: [firebird-php] ibase_set_event_handler
Author Jochem Maas
Lester Caine wrote:
> Alan McDonald wrote:
>>There's no sense in that - a simple query would have the same result. no
>>need for event overhead.
> I think I have found a better example, but again I have not fully
> thought it through. I'm with you on the simple query method, but I'm
> still trying to investigate if you 'could' use Events ;)
> I simply get the client(browser) to refresh and then I supply the
> correct current page - if something has happened such as an entry in a
> referral queue, then the 'listener' gets a pop-up window. *I* WOULD like
> to do away with the 30 second refresh cycle from every browser, so
> rather than a simple refresh, a wait for a 'REFERRED' event sounds like
> a good idea, but of cause the browser will time out before event happens :(

I would suggest possibly trying out the XhttpRequest Object with which you
can fire off HTTP requests with javascript in the background of your page
(i.e. no visible refreshing) the javascript can then use whatever is returned to
it to either refresh the page or augment it with new info.

>>As for "pushing" pages - the client needs to be
>>"registered" in a webservice first - not just an FB event for this situation
>>to be valid
> Since I don't understand things like RSS feeds (in relation to PHP at
> least), I'm out of my depth, but as I now understand things, PHP *CAN*
> be used outside the simple script environment, and will allow you to
> build webservices?

not sure what 'simple script env' is exactly - I think your stuck with that...
but you can use php to do a miriad of things most people have never thought
about... for instance try searching for

"phpstack - A TCP/IP Stack and Webserver in PHP" ...
( - the site was down when I tried a minute ago
but google cache should give you something to look at)

> If Ard does not pop up over the weekend I'll hassle him privately, but

long live Ard :-)

> I'm sure that there is someone listenning who can provide a few more
> snippets to start filling in the picture ;)