Subject Re: [firebird-php] Suse Linux ibase_connect lost or broken pipes.
Author Uwe Oeder

I changed my configuration to the following :

creative = /opt/lampp/htdocs/uwe/creativeinfo/creativeinfodb.fdb

My connection string I changed as well. To

$host = ''
$host = ""

both connection strings fail , but I can use the alias with the isql
command line utility to connect to the database although only when I
specify a host.

When the connection fails it still outputs :
"Connection lost to pipe server operating system directive stat failed
No such file or directory in ..."
Further more the firebird.log file stays empty and only gets error
messages in it if I attempt a wrong connection with ISQL.

I found one other message post at :
The person seems to have the same problem as I have , however no
solution is posted. I had a Linux guy come in with a lot more experience
and knowledge than I and even he says this has him baffled. Wondered if
this problem is to do with Suse Linux , apache , php or firebird ?

Well thats it from me. Have a blessed day.