Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: IDE for PHP5 Development?
Author Lester Caine
Steve wrote:

> I looked at Eclipse and couldn't figure out how to make it work with
> PHP (or anything else). I'm not really interested in no/low cost
> options necessarily. I'd be happy to pay up to about $500 or so if I
> could get the best tool out there. Hell, my Delphi IDE runs me more
> that $1,000 at every upgrade. The Debugging capability is of
> paramount importance to me. My experience has taught me that GOD made
> debuggers.

It is an 'acquired taste', but if you looked at BuilderX then Eclipse is
a doddle ;)
I'm loathed to pay Borland any more money, so even my Builder5/6 code is
now managed via Eclipse, and *IF* they move C++ into Delphi then they
will have to do something pretty good to get me to switch :)
Eclipse is a standard framework, and there are both free plug-ins and
commercial ones. Since PHP is more than just simple scripts, the ability
to handle SQL, modeling, CSS, Javascript - Oh and Java as well as legacy
C/C++ and FreePascal does make it worth getting over the initial hump.
And I am also handling the Firebird docs via Eclipse as well.

Alan McDonald wrote:
> [Alan McDonald] honestly - debugging php scripts is nothing like debugging
> pascal in a win32 application. don't concern yourself with debugging so
> much. it's just not the same thing.

And with the correct PHP framework, 'in-line debugging' becomes second
nature. You have to remember that you are only dealing with a single
form or display at a time, not having to re-compile the whole
application. If a bug pops up in a page, you can correct it without
affecting any more of the application. *THEN* CVS becomes important and
I probably could not cope now without the CVS page in Eclipse to manage
the 100's of PHP pages I've built up ;) And that runs transparently into
the sourceforge cvs sites that I'm also involved with.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services