Subject Re: [firebird-php] PDO Driver
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:

>>Anybody else had a play with the pdo_firebird driver?
>>I'm not making much progress, and getting my head bitten of on PECL list
>>for complaining that PDO seems half baked, but I would like to know that
>>It's not just me ;)
> hmm is quite experimental - i have'nt used , first time saw it
> some words about it

There is a push to get it into PHP5.1 as the 'default' database interface :(

>>One camp seems to think that php_interbase and the other drivers will be
>>killed off when PDO is the standard, the other camp ( which I subscribe
>>to ) think that PDO simply can't handle the complexities of the engines
>>like the native drivers do :(
> Is like ADO ? or what is the sense of another db extension (wrapper to
> drivers)

It's not a wrapper to the existing drivers, it replaces them completely
- hence the problem. The 'sales pitch' is that PDO will 'standardise the
DB data interface' and remove the incompatibilities between drivers. The
new drivers will supposedly not restrict using advanced facilities, but
at present it's a sort of trimmed down 'BDE' with the lowest common set
of functions across 5 and a 1/2 engines ( it has an interface for ODBC
;) ).

So it's not in a state where it can replace php_interbase or the other
native drivers, but there seems to be confusion over whether it WILL
replace them in the future or it is just another driver?

Lester Caine
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