Subject Re: Installing on Win32
Author sgharp
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> sgharp wrote:
> > Firebird is not working with PHP. Here's my setup.
> >
> > Win XP/Pro (SP2)
> > Firebird
> > PHP 5.0.3
> > Apache 2.0.52
> >
> > PHP is working fine with Apache. The problem is with the Firebird
> > install. When I run a test script, I get an error
> >
> > Fatal error: Call to undefined function ibase_connect() in my.php
> OK php_interbase.dll has not loaded
> > I've made the following changes to the php.ini file. I uncommented:
> >
> > extension=php_gd2.dll
> Graphics driver - but still usefull
> > extension=php_interbase.dll
> Yep the one we want
> > I set the extension dir to the folder that has my php_interbase.dll,
> > extension_dir = "C:\PHP\ext\"
> Fine
> > I also set the session.save_path= to a valid tmp path.
> >
> > What have I missed?
> Restarted Apache?
> Where is the copy of php.ini you are editing ( should be in c:\Windows )
> phpinfo showing it loaded?
> ( Your first script should be <? phpinfo() ?> ;) )
> will give you a sample - check the interbase section
> Mine just works without problems, so one of the settings must be wrong

Yes. I've restarted the Apache service many times and the php.ini is
in the C:\Windows folder.

Running the phpinfo() gave me some confusing information. Under
Configuration/PHP Core, it shows extension_dir set to C:\PHP5 for both
Local Value and Master Value. This folder doesn't exist on my
machine. In my php.ini (which is in the C:\Windows folder), I have it
specified as C:\PHP\ext which is correct. I've searched the php.ini
file and verified that no other entries exist pointing it anywhere
else. I've also search my local drive and found no other instances of
php.ini. I've also set the PHPRC environment variable to C:\Windows
and this had no effect. I stop and start the Apache service after
every change.

Lastly, I created the C:\PHP5 folder and copied all the stuff from
C:\PHP\ext into it and restarted the Apache server again and still get
the same phpinfo() stuff.

What would I look for in the phpinfo() stuff to verify that Firebird
support was running or not?