Subject OT - Fedora Boot CD
Author Alan McDonald
I'm sorry - this is dreadfully off-topic but I'm trying to get an old box to
use Fedora. I need to make a boot CD with Nero and the iso images of
Fedora... Does anyone know how to do this?
I can make the CD drive seek initial boot but I don't know what I'm doing
when it comes to burning a fedora boot disk to start the install process.
I've tried getting nero to make a boot cd but it wants an IMA file and the
ISO images don't have an IMA file. I don;t know if I'm even supposed to be
making a BOOT CD (in NERO) or if I'm only needing to create a CD from the
Deisk1.iso image.
BTW I actually want ot run PHP and Firebrod on this box so that's not toooo
far off topic.


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