Subject Re: full text search
Author nn33dl3
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> nn33dl3 wrote:
> > Does anybody knows how to do a full text search on a firebird
> > are there some open source scripts?
> How long is a piece of string? :)
> > Maybe with adodb, pear?
> Certainly the external option may be of more use than expecting the
> database to do it ;)
> > I didn't find anything hope someone can help me.
> In my own case, I have two options.
> The one that costs some money is the Full Text Search provided by
> IBObjects. This combines triggers and scripts to provide a very
> flexible search system which can be configured for your particular
> requirements - built into the database.
> The one I am actually using is part of TikiPro, and allows
> from text that is not just in the database! The database stores
links to
> external files as well, and these are scanned and indexed in
addition to
> the internal memo fields.
> Hence the "How long is a piece of string?" - there are as many
> as there are requirements. So what are you actually looking for?
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I used Mysql for programming, but now I want to use Firebird because
it fits better to my needs.
The problem I have now is that in mysql I used the full-text option
for indexing and searching.
And I don't know how I can import that into Firebird I have read
other groups that full text searching is not supported in Firebird
So I am searching for some other tools.