Subject Re: Warning: ibase_query()
Author anna_ppalm
Thank you everyone. All of you are a little right, but Didier was
the one most correctly. In dded my data was too long. After a long
after and unable to see my posting here I found out that the long
data was big biggest problem.

Too funny things:

1) Although my statement is inverted I am still able to include now.

2) Yes, my entire DB is WIN1252, and I did use the ISO8859_1 and it



--- In, Didier Gasser-Morlay
<Didiergm@n...> wrote:
> Anna,
> the string 'Neuropediatria (Neurologia Clinica e Infantil -
Doenças do
> Nervos e Cerebro de Crianças) ' is longer than 80 chars .... hence
> trucantion message
> Didier