Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Can you run an sql script from php?
Author Lester Caine
Lutz Br├╝ckner wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>>>there is no way to create/alter triggers or stored procedures via php's
>>>firebird api, or at least I didn't found one. In ibWebAdmin the isql
>>>commandline tools is called for this tasks.
>>I'm building the triggers quite happily in the bitweaver installer using
>>ADOdb. I have not ACTUALLY checked what happens with PHP4, but PHP5 is
>>running quite happily, and converts an AUTO field definition to create a
>>generator, trigger and the correct field set. Not tried SP, but the
>>CREATE TRIGGER should not be any different?
> I just downloaded adodb, checked the source, tried to create a trigger
> with ibase_query() passing the trigger-source as sql-string ... and it
> is working. It must be a long time ago when I tried this the last time
> and gave up frustrated.
> This are good news :-)

PHP4 or 5?
I think Ard added a lot of good stuff in the PHP5 updates !

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