Subject Re: [firebird-php] Can you run an sql script from php?
Author Lester Caine
willogibbo wrote:

> Is it possible to run an sql script from php?
> I know that queries and stored procedures can be (ibase_execute,
> ibase_query etc..), but I was wondering if there is any way to run an
> sql script e.g. a script that creates tables, procedure, triggers etc..
> I suspect the answer is no. I saw, on this forum, a post from Nigel
> Weeks, back in April 2005 that included a "script runner", namely a
> method of breaking a script up into its constituent queries and
> running those sql statements sequentially.
> If running scripts is not possible, can you put DDL script (say that
> creates a generator with its associated auto-increment trigger) into a
> form of sql that can be "run" from php?

There is no 'native' 'ibase_script', but to be honest there does not
need to be, Since there are many tools that will handle all sorts of
inputs which can then be run in ibase_execute. Nigels code is an
example. I use the datadict element of ADOdb to build and update
databases, that works quite nicely. I only have to 'shell out' to isql
to create a blank database if it does not exist.

So yes you can do anything you want in the SQL to manage your database
so you can sequence them from a php script. Another example of doing it
is in ibWebAdmin, which has a script window as one of it's functions.

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