Subject Re: Webserver crash due to Ibase problems
Author Mikael Krogius
> Lester Caine wrote:
> increase the memory/connections available/used by firebird?

You wouldn't have more information about changing connections/memory
settings? I have played with the pagesize & sweep without any
noticable difference. Read the "10 things you can do to make interbase
scream" and didn't find anything that helped there either.

> use a RAM disk for storing temp data (for firebird and php)?

Thought about it, but this isn't a performance problem really.

> make sure you are not suffering from problems related to locking
> of session files (which can be a problem for concurrency, because
> requests from a single browser can pile up when then all want to
> start/use the session, rather than being handle in parallel)

I am not sure I fully understand. What session files? How can I
prevent locking of them?

> > in the short term. It would be nice to know hoe FB1.5 performs!

In reply to this earlier question, FB1.5 has the same problems. Only
difference is that when using FB1.5 the webserver-service does not
crash, it only hangs and the system can't even restart it.

Changes back to Apache, rewrote the whole chat first to use one
transaction for every separate query, and then changed it to use one
global transaction for each pageload (2-30 queries depending on what
the chatter is doing) and same problem still. Really, I started with
using ibase_query and changed every single query to use ibase_prepare
and ibase_execute with a transaction identifier and none of this made
any difference.

now, I have a script that restarts apache every 5 minutes in order for
the service to stay up. If I restart every 10 minutes it does not work
because if the apache once hangs (just like sambar) then a restart
does not help - FB must also be restarted and a couple of minutes must
pass before restarting (otherwise apache just hogs memory instantly
and hangs).

It's all been very educational in regards to using Ibase and PHP, but
I can't figure out why it keeps crashing... It is a mystery and I have
run out of ideas of what I could change anymore to make a difference.
I even rewrote the tables so that most UPDATE queries related to
gathering statistics (loads/messages/logins/logouts etc.) would be
INSERTS into another table to avoid deadlocks and then I consolidate
the data from the other table every now and then...

- Mikael