Subject Re: Webserver crash due to Ibase problems
Author Mikael Krogius
Lester Caine wrote:

> I don't have much load on the demo sites, but I do have
> Firebird1.5 on a different machine to Apache2/PHP5. Not
> seen a problem yet - but I probably need more users first ;)

Well, I decided to move back to Firebird 1.5, and so far (~60 minutes
of running) it seems much more stable, with the exception of
occasional deadlocks when updating tables, but I guess they require a
rewrite of how things are handled. I recreated the tables on FB15 and
pumped only the most critical data over and had to change the sql
queries a bit as they used some 2.0 only features.

One thing is sure, FB20 is much more efficient then FB15. It now
stresses the server a lot more then with the crashing FB20.

We'll see after a day or so how FB15 keeps up and if any of the
problems re-occur or if we have new problems :)

Thanks for your help so far!

- Mikael