Subject Re: Request for specific skillset learning
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
I have done quite a lot of tutoring in the past and apart from
Codecharge, I can probably help you out. We need to go into much more
details as to what exactly you need, timeframe to achieve what you
want etc ...

Fell free to contact me directly if you want to move this further.


--- In, "David at PFI"
<firebird-php-david@p...> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have an open request to any seasoned instructors or gurus out there.
> I have looked at courses around town, however I am small business
> owner with zero extra time to lock in specific times to attend a class.
> I also am not really interested in a 'wholistic learn everything I
> need to know class' or earning a certificate. I need very specific
> skills, yesterday!
> Do any of you do tutoring or one on one training?
> Specifically I am developing applications for our company using:
> IDE: Codecharge Studio
> Lang: PHP
> DB: Firebird
> OS: Redhat9
> WebS: Apache
> All of my experience is in writing formulas and calculation in Excel.
> Straight boolean type stuff. I also write Bash scripts once in a
> while. But no other programming experience.
> I am hitting a point where I need to go beyond the standard toolset
> provided by Codecharge and customize some of its functions; using PHP
> and SQL.
> I learn very well from picking apart and analysing existing code, but
> first I have to be able to read the language.
> I am looking for a crash course in:
> Basic programming: what are functions, classes, methods,
> PHP: what is its syntax, how to make it sing,
> SQL: I can write basic statements, but could use some brushing up.
> Instructor: I would like to be able to ask a lot of questions as they
> come up, and be given resources and exercises specifically geared to
> leading me down the right path to knowledge so to speak. Can you also
> share insight about ways of building these applications that might be
> better suited to my business.
> Me: I would be responsible for busting my butt with the exercises.
> And asking a lot questions. Provide remote meetings /conference calls
> etc.
> If I was logical about this I would just hire a web development
> company to build the applications. And I would stick with what I
> know, building and running a company.
> Except that:
> 1. I already had a fulltime programmer on staff who was an exercise
> for me in results management and project management, specifically
> finishing them. That ended when I realized it was costing me way too
> much to have a non-core-skillset employee working fulltime and me not
> really seeing any tangible results.
> 2. I really enjoy learning new things, and love programming and
> problem solving. So ultimately I am probably choosing the path of
> less profit and greater learning. At some point I will step back and
> let a pro go in and tweak everything, but for now I would like to learn.
> Enough rambling. Could you please forward this to the most
> appropriate person if I did not?
> Thank you,
> David