Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Report Tool
Author Milan Babuskov
Lester Caine wrote:
> Anybody found a decent tool for adding reports to a PHP application?

I haven't found any, so I wrote my own. It's not so hard thing to do, it
took me about three weeks to make it.

I made it really simple, using format like report generators of Informix
4GL. All reports are defined in simple .txt or .html file. Report
generator loads them, and replaces placeholders (which are marked with
[] ) with data.

I also added these features:
- defining formatting of data for each column (numerics, date, etc.)
- use master-detail kind of reports (with 1-level depth of relation)
- different types of summing and aggregations: totalsum, groupsum, etc.
- the ability to call one php function per each row of data, where
the entire row is given as parameter (reference), so you can alter
data before it is printed (if, for example, you want negative values
in red color). This gives me complete control over report generation.
- besides master and detail (ibase_resource), you can also pass a
regular php array as third data source.
- all elements can be addressed with either their field name or index

One of the reasons why I love HTML is because it's just text and you can
manipulate it easily.

Milan Babuskov