Subject Re: ADOdb and Stored Procedures with Firebird15 possible?
Author dleec45
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> dleec45 wrote:
> > Thanks Lester. I don't need to be able to use them immediately but
> > would like to do some accounting when checkout happens in the
> > storefront I'm converting. I've tried various things with the Execute
> > statement in ADOdb with no success, but that doesn't mean I've
> > stumbled across the correct format either. Do you think additional
> > code will have to be incorporated into That's
> > assuming it currently doesn't work! ^_^
> Certainly. I've a version with fbird_* ready for PHP5 but if you are
> still on PHP4 that will be a problem. All of this new stuff Ard is
> developing on the PHP5 package - I think ;)
> We have a well established database engine, but everything else is
> rather leading edge :)
I do plan on going to 5 when it becomes official but I have enough at
present to keep me busy and I can put the stored procedure issue aside
for the present. I was just wondering if it was presently available
as I was making modifications as I encountered things which I thought
would work best as a procedure, so I was trying to make them work.
I'll just worry about other things and wait on php5 and see where
things are then. Thanks again.