Subject Re: PHP5RC3
Author goncalo1959
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> Lester Caine wrote:
> > goncalo1959 wrote:
> >
> >>Have anyone tried PHP5RC3 with Firebird on Windows/Apache2 ?
> >>After upgrading from PHP5RC2, my applications based om Firebird
> >>working with the message: Call to undefined function
> >>() . If I copy php_interbase.dll from the PHP5RC2 they start
> >>again. Is something broken with the RC3 release?
> >
> > OK - now that the code has propagated out, I've got it and have
> > the same problem.
> > Pushed a note to Ard for him to have a look at it :)
> OK Ard has dropped ibase_timefmt() and is saying use ini_set()
instead -
> I still have not looked at that.
> He has also added fbird_* aliases for all the other ibase_*
> These are apparently for PHP5 only.
> Work in progress is a UDF to allow any php function to be used in
> SQL. 8 base functions allow between 1 and 8 arguments in addition
to the
> function name, so that only the 8 holders need to be added to the
> database. I haven't been able to compile it for windows yet :)
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ibase_timefmt() was simply dropped? This change will probably break
compatibility with lots of other systems (like ADODB in this case).
Commenting out the call to ibase_timefmt() in
realy solved the problem, but what about othr libraries or
applications that use the call?

Thanks for the response,