Subject Re: Cannot create simple trigger???
Author dleec45
This is what I want to accomplish but being new to FB am not familiar
with how this is done. Do you know of any examples anywhere? I have
about 50 tables and a lot of relationships and have them tied together
but hadn't really thought that the keys would not match with this
method, but you're right, they won't. Since there doesn't appear to
be a lot of FB examples to look at, any more sutstantial
recommendations genuinely appreciated. Thanks a bunch Alan!!!

> you need to ask the server for the master key, then insert the
master record
> then insert the details records with the key you got as the foreign key
> value. If you want to do this then you first ask the server for the
key and
> insert the master record by assigning the ley value to the ID field.
If you
> test in your trigger for NULL, then you can avoid the trigger
assigning a
> value when you already have one.
> Alan
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