Subject Re: firebird 1.5 password generation in opt/firebird....Not found
Author dleec45
Thanks Lester, I retried and made sure that I had .fdb and that must
have been what I overlooked, however I thougt I had made that change.
What are you working on regardins ADOdb as I want to use it for a
web site that I'm planning on putting together with a rather full
blown free source. you may be interested in looking at it if you do
web dev stuff. I'll be in touch privately and we can talk about these
issues if that's OK. Thanks, lee

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> dleec45 wrote:
> > Yes I had no previous version on this computer.
> > I've looked for the sql to rebuild employee for testing but that is
> > not distributed looks like. Thanks again Alan for your help. Lee
> You mention ADOdb, so I presume you have php installed and running. We
> will come onto the firebird15 driver in a minute.
> I use IB_SQL for browsing, and have no problem with getting
> up, so what do you have in the path to the database in IB_SQL? The
> default is *.GDB until you change it ...
> The other option is to try and connect from ADOdb. To see what you
> should be seeing have a look at
> This takes you to the demo ibwebadmin system on my machine - running
> FB1.5 out of the box ;) ( No SYSDBA and materkey does not work on that )
> On ADOdb I have a better driver for firebird15 but have not finished it
> yet. Send me an email privately if you want to try the beta - it's
> better than the current firebird anyway :)
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