Subject RE: [firebird-php] BIGINT & PHP
Author Alan McDonald
> Such As?
> All the primary keys on my TikiWiki conversion use BIGINT linked to a
> generator, and I'm not seeing any problems ( yet ).

The biggest integer php can handle is 2^31-1, biggest BIGINT is 2^63-1.
I've solved the resulting problems by treating the bigint values in php
as strings.

If you want to calculate with bigint values you may want to use the
bcmath functions ->


[Alan McDonald] hmmm, I plan to use only PKs as BIGINT. Now I can see that
Lesters uses them no problem but I wonder if they are being used as such in
paramatised queries, or if they are typed e.g. (int) MyBigIntPK ..
This sounds like a small problem to me

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