Subject Re: Calling php function from sql
Author Ard Biesheuvel
--- In, Anatol Ogórek <aogorek@l...> wrote:
> So I renamed to
> and tried again...update FAKTURA set numer =CALL_PHP1('ucwords',numer);
> Statement failed, SQLCODE = -104
> invalid request BLR at offset 16
> -function CALL_PHP1 is not defined
> -module name or entrypoint could not be found
> SQL>
> And that's it.... I do not know what to do next...
> Can You help me?

Please verify that you are using the classic server. This is the one
that runs as a library and not as a separate process. The PHP and DB
engines need to be in the same address space, and using the classic
(embedded) server is the best way to accomplish that (alternately, you
can compile PHP/Embedded and link it to the UDF, and load it in your
DB server)