Subject RE: [firebird-php] auto increment last insert
Author agung wibowo
this is work in isql:
"select gen_id(gen_data_id,0) from RDB$DATABASE;"
the result is gen_id column with last value inserted,
but i don't know about PHP, maybe it's work to..

Alan McDonald <alan@...> wrote:


I believe that Firefox uses gen_id to trigger a generator to be used
for auto incrementing values. Mysql on PHP has an easy way
(mysql_insert_id) in determining the last inserted id. Do we have a
corresponding feature like this for firebird?



[Alan McDonald] Firefox os the browser, Firebird is the RDBMS

This is how I get a new value
$newcontactid = $db->get_var("SELECT GEN_ID(GEN_CONTACT,1) FROM
Then you use it to insert your new record

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