Subject Re: PLZ HELP - I am lost
Author jason_panzera
I dont exactly know your question, but

header('Location: join.php');

is part of my redirect, if the reg confirm email does not get sent he
is redirect to signup again. If all is sucessful he is loged in and
taken to his details page. Which always happenes but the data is just
not entered into the db.

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...>
> disk shadowing is disabled already
> the thing is, if I restart the server or IIS i am able to signup
> once, but before I can signup again I have to restart IIS or the
> server.
> [Alan McDonald] and how do you get away with
> header('Location: join.php');
> when you do not use
> <? ob_start(); ?> and flush?
> Alan
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