Subject Re[2]: [firebird-php] Dynamic SQL error -901
Author Dmitry Kalugin
Hello, Uwe!

Friday, November 19, 2004, 12:23:54 PM, you wrote:

UO> I have changed the code accordingly:

UO> $MyHost = 'localhost:D:\Projects\CreativeInfo\Data\Data.FDB' ;

try without localhost
$MyHost = 'D:\Projects\CreativeInfo\Data\Data.FDB' ;

UO> $MyUsername = 'sysdba' ;
UO> $MyPassword = 'masterkey' ;
UO> $MyDBHandle = ibase_connect($MyHost,$MyUsername,$MyPassword) or die('error
UO> in db connect') ;


UO> $MyDBQuery = ibase_prepare($MyDBHandle,$SQLStatement) or die(ibase_errmsg());
UO> $MyDBDataset = ibase_execute($MyDBQuery) or die(ibase_errmsg());

UO> It then throws the following error message :

UO> Warning: ibase_connect() [function.ibase-connect]: Unable to complete
UO> network request to host "localhost". Failed to locate host machine.

in file
add line localhost

UO> Undefined service gds_db/tcp. in
UO> D:\Projects\Webpage\Documents\Tester3.php
UO> on line 154
UO> error in db connect

write source Tester3.php on line 150 - 160 :-))

UO> But I can ping localhost without any problems. What else could be wrong ?

Best regards,
Dmitry Kalugin
Ukraine, Donetsk