Subject RE: [firebird-php] SPs Docs
Author Nigel Weeks
Yes, normal usage is a single transaction, but it's not always the case.

The other problem is that the 'Firebird Elite' have frowned upon
the practice of using a 'Selectable Procedure' to do both:
A DML operation (Insert/Update/Delete), and
A return of a record set(via the suspend)

Sure, it's possible, and I like using Procs in this way A LOT!!, but I've
it's just not the right way to do it...

It's been recommended that the following should be adhered to:
'Execute Procedures' should be used for DML ops (Ins/Upd/Del), and
'Selectable Procs' should only be used for returning datasets, fancy
queries, etc.
-> No data changes.

I dunno yet, I can't think of a better way:
There's a six-pack of Cascade Beer for anyone who can solve it!

Summary of Challenge: Insert a row, and return the new generator-seeded ID
in ONE COMMAND/ONE QUERY from PHP, without using a selectable stored
procedure to do it...