Subject RE: [firebird-php] ibase_num_rows
Author Alan McDonald
Sorry - I don't use this function but if you use an abstracdtion layer, they
handle it in several ways and it's far more reliable.
I use ezSQL - it's very small and fast and specialised to FB. Others use
adoDB - it's much bigger and you can plug other DBs into it if you need to.
I can post you a copy of ezSQL with my FB mods if you want
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From: marcos_poletto [mailto:marcos@...]
Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 7:19 AM
Subject: [firebird-php] ibase_num_rows

I have been problems with ibase_num_rows function.

Using ZEND IDE, the function insight shows ibase_num_rows, but my
system doesn't see that function (undefined function is the php

I connect on db and use $qid = ibase_query($con,$sql). When i use
ibase_num_rows($qid) i am not get any result, only the error message

On PHP site i don't find ibase_num_rows in the function list of
Firebird/InterBase. And nothing that be similar.

I'm using PHP 5 with Firebird 1.5 on Red Hat 9 with Apache 2.


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