Subject Re: the "to many savepoints" & other problem
Author leonbadman
> [Alan McDonald] have you made sure you have the correct client lib
> matched to your server?

what client library?

> 5. i think the problem is in the transaction mechanism used by php
(maybe a
> bug in 4.3.3, but no literature on the internet).
> [Alan McDonald] I doubt this - it's simple, every page has an implicit
> transaction which commits when the page successfully completes.

i hope so.

> 6. often i have a this message: deadlock confilct....but i think is
not the
> problem (or i'm wrong?)
> [Alan McDonald] This smells more like revealing the issue. It suggests
> something about the SQL statement you might be using on a page -
maybe we
> should see some code as an example?

a simple update to a single record (a counter field is increment).

Ciao, L.
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