Subject Re: ibase_connect pconnect
Author marcdecaluwe
I'm using Firebird 1.0.0.
Connection times vary from 0.2 sec to over 2sec.

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> > of some pages. I have been analysing the pages with timers and it
> > seems that alls SQL command seem to run rather fast, but to my
> > surprise the time to make a connection to the database
> > and the FIRST SQL statement seem to take about 80% of all the
time the
> > script needs to run. Even if I change the first SQL statement,
> > execution time can vary a bit depending on the statement itself, but
> > it always takes a LOT more time than when I execute it as a second.
> > I experimented also a bit with ibase_pconnect but couldn't find any
> > improvement. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere?
> Are you using the most recent release of Firebird 1 (not 1.5) ?
> IIRC, at some
point a bug was fixed that caused connection requests to
> be delayed for some time for no reason.
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> Ard