Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird insert/update problem
Author Scott Taylor
ck1625 said:

> Hi,
> I have a problem, that my insert statement does not work correctly. I
> get an error like:
> ibase_query(): attempted update during read-only transaction in
> /vol2/home/ck/splashPHP/FBDatabase.class.php on line 72
> I tried to ensure, that I always commit and start a new transaction
> before the insert statement, but the problem still is there?
> Any hints for this ?

You turned your computer on and got this error?

I think you need to be more specific with what you did. Many people
will have to make many guesses without some sort of example. Who can
debug the code without seeing the code?

My guess: you obviously opened the transaction in a read-only state.

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