Subject Re: Decent PHP Editor
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> Yes - text editors are not bad, but I'm thinking more of
> something that can handle tables and things as WYSIWYG.

I believe this is the only way forward. why ? if you think about it,
not 2 browser handle HTML the same way, there are nagging differences.
I cannot believe you can expect a wysiwig editor to solve this problem
for you. For a brain HTML is not complex, neither is PHP ... but it
seems to be a challenge for one single tool to comprehend. So you end
up using 2 or 3 different tools, losing time, patience & sometimes
source code too!

So after a few attempts, I came back to plain text editor,but modern :
syntax highlighting, macros, external module (so you can call the PHP
cli to have a quick syntax check before you try the page) etc ...

> Everything seems to do something well, but something that
> would do everything reasonably would be nice.
Hang-o tight, Christmas is not too far away :)
> I'm using
> HTML-kit and Namo WebEditor at the moment, but as I am now
> editing tables in text mode happily perhaps some of the
> problems will evaporate.

I believe so.

> The main thing is being able to play with layouts being
> generated from the PHP database interface. As many ways of
> doing it as list members, but a problem many of us will have.
not 100% sure what you mean here

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