Subject Re: [firebird-php] BUG: ibase_blob_get
Author Gerhard Knapp
hi all here,
many thanks for beeing here, especially Daniela and Lester ...

another stupid question from me, what C-Compiler i need, for
compiling the php_interbase.dll - sourcecode? (windows)

my idea, to make a dll with delphi is only a solution for windows,
i know and perhaps Linux (Kylix) ...., but not portable to other
OS, sorry ...

best regards

>The PHP project is at, I have a copy of the
>php-interbase model which is in the source files download,
>but I am in the same boat as you, no compiler for the
>windows builds.

>Most of this stuff is developed on Linux, and will build
>quite happily there, and is then ported over.

>There has been little support for the interbase module, as
>most of it just worked, but Daniela is at least helping out
>here. (Thanks for that Daniela)

>Lester Caine

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