Subject Re: Installing PHP-Firebird
Author vengfulsquirrel
--- In, Milan Babuskov <albis@e...>
> vengfulsquirrel wrote:
> > /opt/firebird/isql connect 'localhost:/opt/firebird/anecesis.fdb'
> > works and I can list the tables so I think it is something to do
> > the way I incorporated php into apache or something.
> So I guess you use 'localhost:/opt/firebird/anecesis.fdb' in PHP
> too? If you have a network card, try using its address instead of
> localhost...
> > Do you know what files need to be changed, I am using Suse 9.0 so
> > rpm does not work at all and the install script says it works but
> > I get all the permission denied errors.
> Can you copy/paste those errors here?
> Are you root while installing?
> > I can't remember if I
> > compiled php4 with shared or not what difference will that make?
> You should run phpinfo(), and it will show.
> Dumb question: Did you do a "make install" after compiling?
> I'm not using SuSE, so I really don't know if there are some issues
with it.
> --
> Milan Babuskov

Hey thanks for responding. I actually did do 'make install' but I am
sure it is something like that, that I am missing.

Sorry my actual php file looked like this, on line 47:

if(!($dblink = ibase_connect("/opt/firebird/anecesis.fdb",
print("Cannot Connect");

I reinstalled the distro and firebird because I had installed and
reinstalled like 15 times and messed around in a bunch of config files
and it was starting to get wierd.

Now I have not installed php yet. I installed firebird while root user
but it should be running as user firebird.
The following commands work correctly:
/opt/firebird/bin/isql connect '/opt/firebird/examples/employee.fdb'
/opt/firebird/bin/isql connect

/opt/firebird/bin/isql connect
does not work and prints error: "connection rejected by remote

The logfile has these 2 entries like 10 times.
slinux2 Sat Nov 29 12:13:05 2003
SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for root

slinux2 Sat Nov 29 12:13:05 2003
SERVER/process_packet: connect reject, server exiting

Will apache need to connect through and not localhost?