Subject Re: [firebird-job-board] Miami FL user seeks Firebird and SQL training
Author Steve Carter
You didn't indicate whether you want on-site training or whether
training over the internet, email, telecommuting would work for you.

I can provide remote training and assistance.
My resume is attached.

Steve Carter
Dover, NH

At 09:24 AM 09/05/2007, you wrote:

>I run a business in Miami FL which uses a program run in Firebird. I
>want to use SQL to run searches and manage the data in the
>database.fdb. I need training on Firebird, help installing embedded
>firebird, and training in SQL. I run 7 PC's with XP Pro with MS Server,
>and we use VPN/remote desktop for remote sites.
>305-264-2662. Thanks.

Steve Carter
Frogstory Records

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