Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Timestamp Linux
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 24-3-2018 11:00, hugo.larson@... [Firebird-Java] wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Please check some of the answers below.
> 1. Is the database server the same? Or: is the OS difference only
> client, only Firebird server or both client and Firebird server?
> Linux
> Windows

> 2. If not, is the DDL of both the same?
> 3. Are the Java version, Firebird version and Jaybird version the same?
> Linux Java 8. Windows Java 1.7
> 4. How do you insert the value, specifically how is the timestamp
> generated (created in Java, hardcoded expression like 'now' or
> CURRENT_TIMESTAMP), default column, trigger)?
> The value is inserted with JDBC PreparedStatement. Exactly the same code
> on Linux and Windows
> 5. How do you select the value?
> I use the Timestamp column for ordering in the GUI and noticed that it
> does not work when fetching from Linux FB.
> The select is made with JDBC into Resultset.
> I made a SELECT with ISQL on Linux and confirmed 000 ms
> 6. What happens if you use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3);
> try both when inserting, and - separately - when selecting, that is, on
> insert replace the value with hard code CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or
> CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3), or on select replace the column with the hardcoded
> value (don't forget to add an alias with the original column name).
> 7. How do you verify the millisecond part is not stored; did you check
> the millisecond part before storing?
> Pls see  5.

Did you verify the timestamp value **before** inserting, maybe the value
to be inserted already doesn't have millisecond precision? Maybe the
problem is one of clock granularity (grasping straws here, I know).

Did you check (6) what happened when inserting and selecting


Mark Rotteveel