Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] HikariCP Connection Pool won't connect to Firebird DataSource
Author Bill Lyons

Hi Mark,


That worked perfectly!  I saw last night even before the NoSuchBeanDefenitionException that the Application was getting a connection into Firebird.  With your annotation fix I’m now getting data back when I query through a find() method.  Thanks!  I definitely need to do some reading now on Spring Annotations for JPA, etc.  But you’ve provided the opening into integrating Firebird with Spring/Hikkari.  Thank you so much!




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Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] HikariCP Connection Pool won't connect to Firebird DataSource



On 22-2-2018 20:43, blyons3@... [Firebird-Java] wrote:
> I've now made the remainder of the changes that you recommended.  Thanks
> again!  The NoSuchBeanDefinitionException still exists (i.e. the
> previously posted stack trace is still valid).  CSLogRepository follows
> the same layout that was in PersonRepository (same methods, same
> annotations) so I'm not sure why I'm getting that exception, but am
> trying to debug right now.
Did you create that repository in a package that doesn't start with
"com.tutorial" (or, if you followed a different naming, does it have a
different prefix than the package containing the class Application.

By default, Spring Data JPA will only scan for repositories in the
package (and 'sub'-packages) of the configuration class with the

You will need to change the @EnableJpaRepositories annotation to:

@EnableJpaRepositories(basePackages = { "com.tutorial", "<package>" })

Where "<package>" should be your package with the repository (or one of
its parents). You can leave out the "com.tutorial" if you only need your

Mark Rotteveel