Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Digest Number 2460
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 1-2-2018 11:39, Arioch The ariochthe@... [Firebird-Java] wrote:
>> FireBirdResultMetaData and found that the tablename is conveniently there already
> I don't know much about JDBC, old and new, however, from the common sense:
> Queries in SQL servers, Firebird too, may go directly (generate text,
> send it to server for execution, get the result) or prepared (generate
> text, pass it to server for parsing and precompiling, get the
> metadata, fill in parameters if any, tell server to execute pre-pared
> metadata)
> In the shorter sequence there easily might be no metadata received on
> the client at all

This is about metadata on the **result set**, or in other words: the
description of the columns returned by a query.

Jaybird explicitly asks for this, because it needs some of the metadata
to actually correctly parse the data returned by Firebird, and asks for
some additional metadata in the same call to be able to fulfill the
java.sql.ResultSetMetaData information needs when asked (in most cases
without needing additional roundtrips).

In any case, bar a few exceptions, all queries Jaybird does are first
prepared before they are executed.

Mark Rotteveel