Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Additional metadata from ResultSet

This is a bit off topic but lets fill the this magnificent forum a bit :)

Do anyone here remember the early days of JDBC?
I'm inspecting what happens behind the scene in JBuilder DataExpress (DX).
DX parses the SQL query and try to find what tables are queried. It often fail because the parser don't even recognize JOIN and other of the "modern" SQL syntax. This thing is really old.
First I started to fix the parser and then I inspected the FireBirdResultMetaData and found that the tablename is conveniently there already. So instead of parsing the SQL to find the tablename it can be set directly from the metadata.
Very good I thought. Now I can skip the DX parser altogether but in the back head I wonder why Borland didn't do that from the start. I cannot in the source code find any other reason to parse the SQL except to map the tablename but maybe I'm missing something because the code is a mess.

Could it be that early JDBC didn't have tablename in resultsetmetadadata? I cannot find the old JDBC specifications.