Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Denied connections due to character set
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2017-02-20 23:47, 'William L. Thomson Jr.' wlt-ml@...
[Firebird-Java] wrote:
> Something still seems off here. Jaybird 3 will only work with
> Legacy_Auth if
> Srp is not specified at all. This means one has no migration path of
> having
> both enabled. This is not really ideal.

Again: you need to initialize the security database, then Legacy_Auth
will also work when Srp is in the list.

> In comparison, Flamerobin, can connect via Legacy Auth no matter the
> order,
> Legacy_Auth,Srp or Srp,Legacy_Auth both work for Legacy. If Flamerobin
> can use
> either, seems Jaybird should as well.

I have tested that earlier, and it is not true. If you have a Firebird 3
fbclient.dll (and the default configuration for setting AuthClient),
then Flamerobin will show the exact same error message as Jaybird does.

You are either still connecting with a Firebird 2.5 or earlier
fbclient.dll (which doesn't support Firebird version 13 protocol nor
SRP), or the firebird.conf used by the Firebird 3 fbclient.dll (note
that this is not necessarily the same firebird.conf as in the Firebird
server install location!) has AuthClient=Legacy_Auth,Srp instead of the
default of AuthClient=Srp,Legacy_Auth.