Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Denied connections due to character set
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 11:44:36 AM EST you wrote:
> Jaybird 2.2 should work no matter the order of the authentication
> plugins in the list (although I recall there have been various problems
> in this area with pre-release versions of Firebird 3). As long as
> Legacy_Auth is included and WireCrypt is Enabled or Disabled (not
> Required), Jaybird 2.2 can authenticate (assuming the user exists as a
> legacy authentication user). That is because Jaybird 2.2 only supports
> protocol version 10, which only supports Legacy_Auth.

That makes sense, and lack of support for Srp is likely why I remained
Legacy_Auth, Srp

> As a matter of fact, most of my test are run with Firebird 3 (and 4)
> configured with the AuthServer config as Srp, Legacy_Auth.

Yes but the problem is the other way. People will likely migrate first using
legacy then upgrade switch to Srp. In an ideal world upgrade to Fb 3.x would
be done using Srp and no legacy. But I suspect many will likely do
Legacy_Auth, Srp to ensure old stuff still works. Till it can be migrated.

I come across many still running older versions of Firebird, 1.x 2.x. Happy to
see 2.5 if anything. Though all my stuff has been 3.x for some time. I will
proceed with migration to Srp now that Jaybird 3 has support for that plugin.

William L. Thomson Jr.