Subject Re: Synchronize FB databases
Author Arioch The
Maybe you can use Red Database fork - they have replication built-in

Or maybe you can wait until Firebird 4 where some another online
replication facility is promised to be merged into the mainstream core

> I have a challenge and thought to post it here since maybe JayBird can help
> with a solution.

> What I want to do is to synchronize Firebird databases across the internet.
> The transmission of the synchronization data is out of the scope of the
> question. I will probably use webservice or websocket to send the data.
> I already have a mechanism for NBAK backups over the internet, which is not
> the solution since the data needs to be synchronized on the fly.
> I cannot install any replication software since our software is installed on
> many place and it would be a nightmare to maintain.