Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: FB Connection Pool red strikethrough NetBeans compiler
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 22-5-2013 17:16, fb_database wrote:
> Thank You very much for your answer ;)
> Yes you be Right commands seems deprecated ; I have done the error to think that many Pool examples on FB server seems to be recent...
> It is why I have think : I could have done somewhere an error ;)

It still work with existing versions of Jaybird, although you might get
bitten by the bugs that are the reason for deprecation and future
removel. Keep in mind: Deprecation is not an error, it is a warning. In
this case a warning you should heed if you need that code to live for a
long time because we are going to remove these classes in Jaybird 2.3

> * But in fact these commands are simply Deprecated. *
> Thank you for your nice Tech Skill advices ;)
> I think some examples on FB website perhaps require to be updated (or shared by versions ?). It is sometimes hard to know what to do... when we start to learn on some products ;)
> * It is always good to update the examples to be able to learn the new versions of commands : to promote the nice work that is FB-Database & his Modules*... but sure Time is always the problem for everybody ;)

I hope to get around to updating/correcting some of the examples and
documentation, but time is indeed one of the issues here.

Mark Rotteveel