Subject Re: GDS Exception. 335544721. Unable to complete network request to host
I gotta clue. In our customer environment, actually we run a command to scan some ipaddresses. The command will look like it will append(with space between every ips) all ipaddresses(Say more than 1000). In logs(tomcat), we found some IOException while executing that command. After that exception, firebird DB connection fails randomly.

I give a solution to the customer to avoid that IOException, by spliting the scan command and run it in a loop with only 100 ipaddresses instead of 1000's. Noe it seems the issue was fixed. Today i am going to give the same fix to another customer. once i got reply, i will let you know.

Thanks for your valuable help!!

Suresh Kumar.P

--- In, Mark Rotteveel <mark@...> wrote:
> On 28-3-2013 12:21, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> > I found the buffer index potentially getting larger than the actual
> > buffer size in XdrOutputStream. However I would expect the buffer to be
> > empty when iscStartTransaction is called, so checkBufferSize(..)
> > shouldn't need to write the current buffer to the socket.
> >
> > I'll do some more digging.
> I have created issue JDBC-306
> ( ) to track this.
> Mark
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