Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Limbo transactions numbers
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2-8-2012 21:22, Fabiano wrote:
> This is probably an hex conversion problem.
> The number returned by jaybird (1089469460) in hex is 40EFFC14.
> The number returned by gfix (4255740) in hex is 40EFFC.
> So i presume jaybird is taking an extra byte from somewhere. Can someone confirm this?

Can't say out of hand. Could you create a bug report in the tracker?
Could you check if the last byte is always 0x14?

> BTW, i´m looking at rdb$transactions table, and it seems i can take limbo transactions and all the information to do a two-phase recovery from this table and the blob field containing the information about the transaction.
> Although i could decode most information from this field, do someone have some official documentation about its format?

You could take a look at FBXid as I believe that processes the same
blob. Otherwise you might want to check on Firebird-devel to see if
there is a good resource for the content of blob sub_type

Mark Rotteveel