Subject Re: Back to XWiki and adoption in general
Author the_a_rioch
> > Again, particular TS issue was resolved on Thursday, Xwiki not solved at
> > all.
> I told you almost immediately that I would look into it after this
> Wednesday,

So the issue state is "acknowledged, not solved"
Did i said something different ?

BTW, i understand that time you spend on this conversation is subtracted, among others, from the time you could spend on XWiki.

But i consider my personal issue of XWiki less improtant than general policies and ease of embracing firebird.

Regarding XWiki Google shows that in different times two people managed to make it run on Firebird. Both attempts were made, shown to developers and dismissed. IOW current learning curve of FB does not allow developers without FB background and everyday use to keep FB compatibility 'technically'. Either you are active FB users, or you better drop FB support even if you used to have it.

So, really, would you make current XWiki run on current FB, that would be significant relief for me. But the really important question would be if FB-newbs would be able to support that compatibility in futue releases of XWiki. That question is what would define FB embracement in JSP world. And that is what we indirectly discussing on Friday and today. And to me it is more important than one-time launch that would scratch my itch but not change the picture globally.

> I even started last Saturday but it is really not as trivial as
> you seem to think

Do you really think i consider it easy ?
After those two dismissed attempts ?
After i told you that TS devels did special Hibernate hacks to enable FB support ?

Do you really think i did considered it easy ? And not said it ? And said the opposite facts ?

> and it will probably require a separate version of
> xwiki.hbm.xml (just like for Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL server).

Sure it will. Either Hibernate dialect much more sapient that current, or custom-tailored hbm schema's (there are three schemas bundled)

But again, if you would make such a modified scheme, you would look like a magician. But when new XWiki version would be release i would hardly able to replicate those changes.

Those two attempts left little knowledge behind them.

What would really have a value - not the custom XBM, but a practical tale in JayBird wiki. The tail that any hibernate devel would be able to read and to apply to his application.

What was changed ? Why ?
Which were restrictions of JB/FB ?
Which were restrictions of Hibernate ?
Which were expectations of db schema and application?
Which workarounds it left and which was choosen ?

That is documentation, again.

The question is not mere of my particular issue, but also of this been turned into more general knowledge that would be help for broader circles of developers/users.

So when you would find time for a really hard attempt on XWiki, please consider the main goal the documentation of process rather than end result, the documentation that can be reused.
Not fish, but a fishing rod.

> Don't act as if you are not getting any help

After i told that my TrackStudio issue was fixed i claim that i got no ANY help ?

Isn't it putting words in my mouth ?

> or that we ignore your issue
> with XWiki.

You know i do not and did not.
But i say time and again, general questions popped up in this thread i see more important than ANY particular issue i might have.

Roman said like "Hey, dude, we solved your main issue and don't waste our time on irrelevant shapeless flame". And i say that that flame is more important and has more influence on the future than any particular issue that would be fixed and forgotten.

That was not the question of me getting help or ignored, that was a question of priorities!