Subject Re: Handling charactersets
Author the_a_rioch
> > That is a no-op.
> > Why would anyone do it?
> >
> > Those who know and care are already fixing encoding in URL.
> > Those who do not know - they would not know about that change too.
> > Those who do not care... they do not care.
> But it would give an opportunity to
> 1) Give people a chance to try it out and test things

Try what ?
Try bare URLs after they would be told it is dangerous ?
They would just fix encoding in URLs.

> 2) Give additional time for people to be aware of the upcoming change

That could be really nice if there could be schedule for the change application.

If the change would come in 5 years, today tests would be absolutely forgotten, even if they would be executed and would be relevant.

> (and probably will) break things for others.

It would. No matter when - it would.
It would require change of URLs, today or tomorrow.

And i would like this change to be announced and implemented in a year or so. If i stumbled upon that year ago it might be easier for all us.
But the fact is - that is not feasible.

Change is to be connected wit something, that can be considered major upgrade. 2.2.0 with all the contras is a relatively major update. Any pother major update is no one knows when.

> replying to e-mail on this list from my normal daytime job, which also
> means I have to stay at work longer to compensate that time.

Same to me.

And my compensation or whatever might be FB/JB direction adjusted, so that it can be easier to news to jump in and hence wider adoption.

I spent time on the list no less then you and i spent similar amount of time trying to make TS work with FB and trying to teach their HelpDesk and devels. No one would pay me for that. Except that FB would be better supported by some lesser software house.

Major JB releases take unpredicatbly long time years to come.
That is not bad, that is not good, that is just a fact.

If that change is not made in 2.2.0 it would probably be not made for next 5 years or most probably twice as much.
It is not because i am mean or because your are mean.
It is because the fact - that is the current rate of JB releases and it will not change.

Did i told that you might release next version each three months ?
Did i told that i like that Chrome/Mozilla approach ?
Did i ordered you to do it ?

I just stated the fact.
Current JB rate is x.x.0 release about once per half-decade.
Since you mention 2.3.x and 3.0, then 3.0 release is not to be expected until in full decade.

If you decide that such a change be made only on x.0 major releases, then it is automatically postponed for 10 years.

You don't like this wording ? you may choose dozen of other ways to express that fact. I am not native speaker, my English is order less fluent than yours, and i would not be able to express all the nuances of. But the fact would remain the fact. And i am discussing the facts, because i can not even comprehend written intonations, much less to perfectly issue them.

And while i think that postponing change into that faraway future is effectively is carding it, i do not say you should not do it. I just hope for you to understand this.