Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Approaches at JB-to-FB conenctions regarding charsets
Author Roman Rokytskyy
>> Hey, hey, we have the property as well, it is documented. Having a
>> property and defaulting the property to UTF8 are different things.
> That is a bit different.
> In Delphi u just open GUI and u see that property.

And then? Unless it is defaulted and is not mandatory newbee won't set

> In JB you know it if you downloaded PDF and read it through up to
> Appendix D.
> It is reasonable to assume newb would open GUI windows to
> just-create-db.
> It is not so for reading the fourth appendix. And even the 1st.

C'mon, the issue you had is caused by the developers of the system you
wanted to install. One can expect that they know what they are doing.
When I deliver an application with Oracle database, I always specify
what NLS settings should be specified during database creation.

Same applies for TrackStudio or whatever system you use. BTW, same
applies to MySQL - the default database charset configuration is
specified usually with the application readme. However I agree that the
defaults they have are more reasonable than what FB has. That should be