Subject Re: PS about client-to-FBcore protocols regarding charset, #5.
Author the_a_rioch
> >> It would require your Delphi installation to depend on ICU libraries,
> >
> > Modern Windows do have their own unicode databases.
> Firebird uses ICU.

I don't know how modular ICU/C is with regard to transcoding tables.

However, even then, given new Delphi projects spent half-MB just for an icon, i would not think 2-3 MB more would be a barrier.

> If all Delphi strings are Unicode already,

There are still plenty of users stabilized at D5/D7 or D2006
I am working at XE2 now, but people around me work at D2006 and the place i was interviewed before had stock stock-keeping framework written in D5 (which was my D version of choice before XE/XE2).

In D2009+ you have language-default "string" made UTF-16 (, yet you still can use any legacy codepage (like 1251 or UTF8, etc) at your choice as well.