Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: PS about client-to-FBcore protocols regarding charset, #5.
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 29-6-2012 14:55, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
>>> That is not the philosophy behind the FB.
>> It was told that UTF8 is bad charset for default network connection for in worse case it would sent 4 bytes instead of 1.
>> I am not concerned about long-distance limited-bandwidth or paid-per-traffic connections though i agree there probably are people who use it.
> UTF-8 works fine for all latin-based charsets, it is bad for Cyrillic -
> those would take 2 bytes instead of 1 byte. Others will take 2-3 bytes
> anyway.

For the JNI implementation that is definitely not what is happening: it
is always sending 4x the declared field length in bytes. I haven't
looked closely at the Java implementation yet, but I believe something
similar happens.

Mark Rotteveel