Subject PS about client-to-FBcore protocols regarding charset, #5.
Author the_a_rioch
> If you have a better idea, make a detailed proposal and not just

Oh, i can mark even the 5th proposal.
Extend internal protocol to allow charset specification per-column and per-blob and per-statement. Like one can do in XML.

This way you would have the most efficient network throughput.

You are concerned that UTF8 payload might take 4 times the space of SBCS payload? Convert to SBCS, tag it accordingly and pass in compact form.

You made WIN1251 connection but then found data with umlauts? tag the payload as WIN1252 and pass it non-damaged.

You made WIN1251 connection and the data is Win1251 ? Nothing to override so just sent payload untagged saving the sizeof(charset-tag).

That would be most effective solution. And arguably most elegant.

But it also would require most major change in both clients and server, so i do not hope it would happen anytime soon, if at all.

Thua said, now i am bailing out and would not come to the thread/list until Tuesday, so hoping that any misunderstanding and personal connotations would went out and only technical arguments would be remembered and able to dealt with in emotionless way.

Good by everyone and have a nice weekend.