Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Trying to run XWiki
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 28-6-2012 11:53, the_a_rioch wrote:
>>> Trackstudio seems to have internal charset problems with JayBird 2.1.6 and absolutely crashes with JB 2.2.0beta1 (not even HSQLDB conenction ;-) ). So preferred provider is 2.1.6
>> What do you mean with 'absolutely crashes'? What errors do you get? Did
>> you specify the connection characterset in the JDBC URL?
> i mean that i thought that TS had no connectors bundled, like they would not bundle SQL servers.
> So i installed JB 220b1 into global JRE/lib foler

You should never ever put libraries in the JRE/lib folder (nor in the
JRE/lib/ext folder). However I don't know why that act in itself would
crash an application. Do make sure that the Jaybird version you use
matches your Java version.

That said, I really would like more specific information to investigate
this (eg logs of the application).

> As a result TS could not open ANY database at all, even not HSQLDB ones.
> After two days i somehow guessed that, don't remember how, and removed global JB 220b1
> TS uses Spring, not Hibernate, so i think it is not related. I just noted it for if possible, i'd liek to run XWiki on 2.1.6 stable rather than 2.2.0 beta

Please try my suggestion to add your own Dialect to hibernate. If that
doesn't work, I probably can find some time to investigate next week.

> If you really interested - there is thread on support forum in russian (not in english) where there are probably exception traces. But they are not directly related here.

Although I don't read russian, could you provide me with a link?

> PS BTW, is there an app to conveniently read those traces ? ChainSaw does not consume them, OLV too (maybe one could make the parser patterns, but too much work"
> I think those exception stack traces are rather common thing, there should be some human-comfort reader for them.

Stacktraces are stacktraces. They point out where in the code the
exception occurs (and all calls leading to that point). There is nothing
more to it, so there are - AFAIK - no special applications to read

I have no idea what you mean with ChainSaw or OLV.

Mark Rotteveel